Is your health affected by tap water? When it comes to tap water, the bad news is that in most homes it is not healthy. Lots of people choose to buy bottled water in order to make sure they protect their health. If you are in the same situation and if you are wondering the same question, then by reading this article you will find the desired information.

How do you know if your tap water is safe or not?

Before you do anything, you must know exactly if your tap water is safe to drink or not. You can find the desired information by doing a test. This test can be easily done by you or by a specialist. No matter what option you choose, the most important thing is that you will find out what is actually contaminating your tap water. Once you find out this detail, you can go further and choose a device that will help you purify it.

What contaminants are found in tap water, and how can they affect your health?

Is your health affected by tap water? Let’s find out. There are many harmful contaminants that can cause you health problems. A contaminated water which has been consumed for a long period of time can cause you, first of all, strong headaches. Then, you could also deal with diseases such as giardia, copper, salmonella, hepatitis A, or norovirus. Furthermore, due to the fact that you do not only drink contaminated water, but you also consume it, you will probably have your skin and eyes irritated, and respiratory problems as well. Stomach aches are also very common, and you will certainly deal with them if the water you consume is not healthy. All these health problems and many others are created by harmful contaminants such as toxic metals like aluminium, mercury, lead, and so on, additives like chloramines, chlorine, and fluoride, bacteria and viruses, radioactive substances like uranium and radon, and organic compounds like herbicides, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals.

What must be done in order to consume healthy tap water at all times?

The answer is easy: you must compare best whole house water filter units and choose the most convenient one. While there are cheaper and smaller filters on the marker, it is highly recommended to opt for a whole house water filtration that will purify the water from the point it enters the house. Therefore, you and your family will be able to enjoy a fresh, healthy and clean water in the entire home.

When you compare best whole house water filter, make sure to look for the number of contaminants that the filter can remove. It should remove a large percentage of chlorine, and since lead contamination is a major issue in the U.S. the filer should also be able to trap lead particles.