Since almost every modern house has a microwave, we should all know that the microwaved food can seriously affect our lives. Specialists say that besides the fact that the nutritional value of our food is changed whenever we cook in the microwaved oven, we also expose ourselves to various harmful radiations. Therefore, in order to find out more about how food is affected every time it’s cooked in the microwave oven, read the article below and learn the truth about microwaved food.

Microwaved Food Can Severely Harm the Food Particles

We all know that microwave ovens produce microwaves, but we don’t know for sure how they can affect our food. Well, the truth is that they can severely harm the cell wall of food, meaning that a great number of food particles may change.

Microwaved Food Affects the Nutritional Value of Food

Recent studies show that the food cooked in a microwave oven loses its nutritional value because the heating creates a disturbance at the molecular level. For example, broccoli cooked in a microwave oven loses more than 90% of its antioxidant chemicals. At the same time, when the broccoli is steamed, it loses only 10% of its total antioxidants. Therefore, you can see the difference between microwaved food and traditionally cooked food.

How Much Does the Microwaved Food Decrease Its Value?

According to some data, there is believed that all the microwaved food decreases its value from 60 to 90%, this meaning that the minerals and vitamins found in food are greatly reduced and the main vitamins affected are the vitamin B complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E and all the essential minerals found in food.

How the Microwaved Liquids Are Affected?

We also use microwave ovens to heat the liquids, but because we don’t know when they reach the boiling point, most of the liquids are usually superheated. This means that they are heated above the boiling point and so the nutritional value of the liquids is affected. Here is also included the breast milk and the worst part is that the microwave oven decreases the antibody levels and it also alters the bacteria-digesting enzymes.